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2020 is the year of reinvention and new emerging economies ..

It is a long tradition for the Portuguese to be explorers and merchants. Following ancient traditions blended with moderns times,  Our company has explore and Invest in many markets such as Latin America - The Caribbean - Europe and the United States.

3 generations of family businesses tradition inspired by the Portuguese Globalization and Modern Portuguese Financial Miracle is our secret to success guided by our family values for our investment criteria.

In De Sousa Consulting we do things differently apreciating the local culture and helping clients regionally  providing a global expertise.

We work with experts from all regions from local Laws firms to international financial advisors.

Our ideas are global but our philosophy is to help locals by teaching and applying the most advance business solutions like the Japanese KAIZEN and LEAN financial methodologies in order to leverage the profits and ensure the best cost efficiency in a  global business scale standard. Globalization is our key pillar stone and helping small businesses our fundamental values.  

¨A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor¨  Franklin D. Roosevelt

   De Sousa Consulting

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