IPP Income Producing Properties in the US

IPP - Income Producing Properties - are high performing properties in growing markets with great potential due to the high occupancy rate and demand for rentals. 

Once acquired and stabilized, we proceed to the complete remodeling and lease to then offer them to our clients. In this way, each property is prepared, individually or in groups, as IPP. 

Pearl Apartments Characteristics

  • Location: St. Louis - Missouri
  • 5 Buildings with 60 Units

Master Loan Terms  Offering: Up to $1,500,000 in Promissory Notes.

Note Terms: The Notes will bear interest at an annual rate of 10%, payable quarterly, with a maturity date of 540 days. The Notes are subject to optional repayment in full or in part at the Company’s discretion following the twelfth monthly anniversary of the date of issuance of each Note. 

Extension Options: The Company shall have two 180-day options to extend the term of the loan.

Master Loan Agreement: The Notes will be issued pursuant to a Master Loan Agreement. Each investor will become a Note holder by purchasing a Note and executing a Joinder to the Master Loan Agreement. Collateral: The Notes will be secured by a mortgage placed on the property purchased with the proceeds from the Notes.

Investor Eligibility: This offering is open only to (a) persons who are neither citizens nor residents of the U.S., and (b) citizens or residents of the U.S. that qualify as “accredited investors”.

More Information: Project PDF 
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