Financial Crisis? Or Time of Opportunities…

Economies always have their cicles so as businesses their timing.

As crisis hits many Countries, new opportunities arrives for the most prepare individuals or organizations . The Economy  is cyclical wave and is most cases totally predictable.. the intensity of the contraction usually marks reboot path of estimated near future bull cycle.

      The Graph allow us to understand 3 main key learning.

  1.  The Contraction / Expansion Tidal Cycle
  2. The Peak or Bear Market
  3. The Prosperity or Bull Market
Understanding this cycles could lead us to great financial decisions.  For example. Went to buy.. went to sell.. how is protected earnings or were to pull out ...
The interaction between Bear and Bull markets is message that only the most capable are trained to decipher. Most of the countries have their internal cicles and most of the regions their laws and business thats allow us to decipher the signs for the proper financial analysts. 

De Sousa Consulting   Since 2008 has made the right decisions benefiying all our clients and setting them on the right path to financial prosperity.

In Less than 15 years 2 majors crisis has arrive globally. expanding our services to new borders and leveraging our commiment to ensure better and smarter profits . Lets us guide you maximize your investments.

De Sousa Consulting 

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