What is a Business Incubator?

Our Business Incubator service provides business development for the early stages of your new business, from the foundational idea, through the different developmental phases  until you have sufficient resources to perform optimally and accomplish your goals.

What are the Benefits of a Business Incubator?

De Sousa Consulting can provide you with insightful advice and information on a broad spectrum of business issues, from the initial Business Analysis, from marketing and manufacturing and distribution; Financial Advisory, access to working capital for business expansion, and even Legal, Fiscal and Human Resources considerations.


Forbes reports that the  five year survival rate for new Businesses is under 35%, while for Business Incubator clients is reported to be higher as high as 87%. 

A knowledgeable professional mentoring will provide all of those tools in one place. That’s why more and more startups are turning to Business Incubators for guidance and support.


From Idea to Plan
Our expertise will guide you to conquer your ideas.
Seed Funding
You can access early-stage capital and financing tools.
Building connections is essential to thrive in the business community. 
Negotiation and Legal
The proper negotiation skills will accelerate your business outcome.
Business Analysis
A solid business plan requires in depth business analysis.
Financial Planning
You can access early-stage capital and financing tools.
Sales and Marketing
The art of Sales its bound with the Marketing statistics.
Human Capital
The most important resource of all is the neurological capital.
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Our partners and associates are successful entrepreneurs, therefore you have access to first hand international business experiences to quickly learn the do’s and dont's of your industry. More than 7 decades of multinational business knowledge sets a ground level standard for 3 generations to accomplish common goals.