La Gran Feria S.A.

1955 - First family business - Founder: Vasco Jose De Sousa

De Sousa Consulting started as a professional distinctive service for U.S. Corporations and small business thru Latin America, focused on the financial Japanese philosophy of KAIZEN and LEAN quality tools.

Our scope in 2010 was to provide an innovative cost effective service in order to help companies and corporations to accomplish their financial goals. 

After 10 years of service analyzing many industries and small businesses we identify key issues that we basically pattern´s thru out the region.

Solving those matters help us built a strong small firm, while venturing into new businesses as partners or trustee advisers.

One decade of strong results led us to many accomplishes that were not possible without the wisdom and knowledge transfer given by previous generations.

Our History - 1955 - 2020

Vasco Jose De Sousa

1958 - Madeira, Portugal

Adventurer & Entrepreneur

1983 - Caracas, Venezuela

He dedicated his life to his family and explore international trade worldwide making his Hardware store the most prominent import-export business supplying the most advance hardware technology nation wide.

La Gran Feria S.A. was started in 1955, considered to be the first credit hardware department store in Venezuela, leaving the legacy of the finest tool and specialized technology store for decades.

Vasco Javier De Sousa

1977 - Caracas, Venezuela

First Family Brand

1983 - Caracas, Venezuela

In 1970, Vasco Javier De Sousa changed artisanal over the counter hardware store thinking, to a commercial self serve model that we know today.

His knowledge about the tools and construction business allow him to explore a new frontier...  The implementation of Consumer Branding:  Pegaloka3

Innovator & Entrepreneur

2019 - Noord, Aruba

Vasco Jr De Sousa

2019 - Oporto, Portugal

As a third generation of entrepreneurship born in the hardware and construction business, Vasco Jr De Sousa changed his corporate career. 

Starting his career as a financial analyst for P&G, Kimberly Clark, and Bridgestone Firestone Corporation, dedicating 10 years in the financial corporate pursuit traveling thru out Latin-American. 

He transitioned to his entrepreneurial path by analyzing , managing and improving the family businesses. 

Creating a window of opportunity to sells and market his personal distinctive services to other non family related Small businesses and corporations.


The most important Business Tool, his Passport - 1973

Vasco Jose De Sousa

Internal Loan Control Financial Accounting - 1955

Vasco Jose De Sousa

Presidential Order of Merit for Labour - 1990 - Venezuela

Vasco Javier De Sousa

Kimberly Clark World Class Finance Award - 2011

Vasco Jr De Sousa

Family Crest